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How I reached a 30% conversion rate on my landing page

👉 Twitter Thread by Jim Raptis

I reached a 30% conversion rate for landing page

13k unique visitors ➡️ 4k signups

These are some actionable tips that worked for me...


1. Describe your product briefly 📝

Every visitor can understand what my product does in a few seconds.

What ➡️ Create background patterns
How ➡️ One-click editor
Why ➡️ Brand your company assets


2. Add beautiful visual content 👀

Visuals grab user attention because they can be processed 60,000 times faster than text.

By adding well-designed product images in your landing page you make your visitor wanna try your product

PS. Video works too. We'll see how below


3. Live preview 🕹

Another way to build up excitement is by providing a live preview of your product.

In that way, people can have a quick demo and decide whether your app fits their goal

Simple Hack:
Limit features of your real app to make them wanna signup to your product


4. Use videos for features 📼

We NEVER read feature sections that display over 3 sentences. It's a fact

People want to see how your product looks and why they should use it.

Small videos are the perfect way to demonstrate your value points  

5. Above the Fold was never dead ☠️

Almost **90%** of my conversions came from the above the fold section

Product landing pages are not portfolios. Users spend very little time on your website.

Then, you must NEVER leave CTAs out of your hero section


6. Social Proof is powerful 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

According to a Nielsen report, 70% of people will trust a review from someone they’ve never even met

We have the tendency to trust services once we find out that other people love them too

Add testimonials near your CTAs and pricing plans


7. KISS your onboarding 💋

Let your users signup with **less than 4 clicks**

Whatever you think about Google as a corp, use their social login feature. It will def boost your conversions and speed up signup

For MagicPattern, a new visitor can create a pattern with 3 CLICKS 🤯


🚨 A small note for the signup screen 🚨

Try to visually "hide" the "Create an account using your email" CTA.

I figured out that people tend to prefer social login and join quicker my service.

And obviously, you lose fewer leads with that trick