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2023 DRF Investment Partner

Posted on 
September 3, 2023
👉  Don't forget to mention Startup & VC in your application!

Job Description

Joining the DRF family leads to a world of opportunities. But don't just take our word for it —78% of our alumni become founders or VCs after graduation, and nearly all of the rest are operators at incredible tech companies.

Real responsibilities, real decisions

Student founders are building the future, and we're looking for curious, confident, and driven students to join our team to find and back them. DRF is the first and only program to give students 100% of the decision making power (an opportunity most don't get until many years into a successful VC career). Your average scout program this is not.

Meet world-class peers

You learn the most from the people around you. At DRF, you are surrounded by brilliant, diverse peers ready to learn from you and share their own interests, ideas, and expertise. You'll build deep and long-lasting relationships with your most talented peers from across the country— well outside your university bubble.

Our network becomes yours.

Our ever-growing community of alumni, founders, and investors is made up of some of the best in the world. As an investment partner, you'll work with leading experts in fields to inform your investment decisions, and enhance your perspectives on emerging markets, products, and emerging technologies. Once you're part of the family, you're DRF for life: alumni hire, invest in, and consult with members of this community long after they graduate.

And with DRF IV, we're excited to bring on even more partners. We have investors from over 50 funds ready at the waiting to help Dorm Room Fund partners—and founders—succeed.

Work on a startup.

We run Dorm Room Fund as our own startup. Together, we treat DRF like a lab to experiment in new ways to grow, support, and enhance our community, our companies, our investing, and our operations.

Be with the best

We turn exceptional students into industry leaders.

Look anywhere and you'll find DRF alums making their mark on the world. Our best-in-class education, network, and community come together to accelerate exceptional students towards careers in startups and venture capital.

👉 Don't forget to mention Startup & VC in your application!
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