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May 9, 2021
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Job Description

We firmly believe that emerging scienceand technologies are our bestchance to tackle the world’s biggest and most fundamentalsocial, economical and environmental problems. Deeptech is no longer theprimary playground of deep pockets, corporate R&Dand research facilities, but of young,independent and highly talented techentrepreneurs. They start companies with the potential for transformationalchange with solutions built around unique,protected or hard-to- reproduce technological or scientific solutions. This mega-trend will not onlyimpact the largest existing industries but alsocreate entire new markets andthus represents the biggestinvestment opportunity of our times.

We expect exponential and scalablegrowth from the technology and teams thatwe back and we believe that“The whole is more than the sumof its parts”. Knowledge and access have always been key ingredients for frontrunners to succeed. Buildinga company based on something entirely new needs complementary, interdisciplinary skills, talent and input. We areproud to have backedcompanies such as IsarAerospace or IQM Quantum Computing from day one on.

Given this context, we are eagerto expand ourteam at Vsquared Ventures lookingfor additional strong team members in full-time investment roles in Munich.We strongly believe that, as VentureCapitalists, we areservice providersto entrepreneurs. If youcan see yourself working witha small, ambitious, always curiousand tech-convicted team, we wantto hear from you.


Your daily doing includes:

• Early identification of market trends and disruptive technologies, having thepotential to advancesociety, impactnew and existing markets andfit into a venturecapital fund logic

• Execution of primary marketresearch and due diligence activities on investment opportunities

• Participation in all stagesof transaction execution, from the pitch phase throughto closing

• Supporting our reporting and fund analyses

• Work withand support our portfolio companies

• Deeply engagewith and buildout our community, bothonline and offline

What we arelooking for:

• You are an applied futuristwith a deepunderstanding and passionfor topics around new space,new materials, AI, new computing infrastructure (e.g., quantum computing), robotics, as well as a new breed of software and services

• Engineering and science are your cup of tea (aerospace, biology, physics, computer science, etc.) by academic training, experience, or passion

• You are rigorously curious and have an intrinsic motivation to find and identifyinvestment opportunities on your own

• “Teamwork makes the dreamwork” - you value the importance of extensive team involvement and always have a humbled minutefor your teammates and the entrepreneurswe work for

• You are usedto structured workflowprocesses and can conduct marketand financialanalyses

• You are used to work and communicate in English and German language

• You can clearly structure and communicate yourthoughts on technologies and marketsand always keep an open mindto emerging techtrends


Our team shares different academicand professional backgrounds, and we wantto further build outthe ability to include different perspectives on mutual goals.We don’t ask for a certain formaldegree, but for 1-4 years of relevant workexperience within technology companies, science or engineering or a trackrecord of projects/deals for applicants havingan investment or consulting background. 

If this soundslike an opportunity foryou and if you are willing to hustle hard and shapethe DNA of our company, pleasesend your applicationto

👉 Don't forget to mention Startup & VC in your application!
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