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Venture Builder

Posted on 
September 11, 2022
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Job Descripion

The decision of ‘what problem to work on’ might be the most mission critical part of the entrepreneurial journey, and it's essential that founders are solving meaningful, big problems, at the right time. That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for a Venture Builder to join our team of authentic, ambitious, smart, nice people and help us build the next generation of great, venture-backed startups. You’ll be walking into a world-class Venture Firm with the people, infrastructure and resources to set you up for success. You will be instrumental in uncovering big problems and company concepts, and prioritizing the concepts to be turned into startups launched with Forum.  The essence of the role is to research and uncover the relevant data points that would enable you to identify opportunities and design software solutions and products for startups that the studio should consider launching.

Most importantly, you’ll help build a B2B SaaS community and ecosystem that is truly inclusive, diverse, and supportive of founders.

The Team You’ll Be Joining

Forum was started from a place of helpfulness, with the mission to make the B2B SaaS journey easier, more accessible and successful for early-stage founders. That extends to the people we work with. When you join Forum, you’ll join a respectful, inclusive team that you can trust, ready to collaborate and support you at any given moment.

We are unapologetically ourselves, self-aware and act with complete honesty and integrity. We’re open to learning, to different and new ideas, to feedback, and are constantly looking to improve. We work hard and smart, and spend the large majority of our time feeling challenged and inspired by each other.

At Forum, you’ll work both autonomously and collaboratively, with flexible location and hours, enjoy great benefits, fund upside and unlimited vacation, and when possible, bond with the team during our epic offsite adventures.

What You’ll Be Doing

Finding the Next Big Thing: You’ll be researching along with Forum’s community to find the best, biggest ideas for venture-backable companies.

Validating Markets: You'll get a chance to define and improve validation practices, testing ideas with an eye on finding a solution that the market wants, and will pay for.

Business Design:  you are going to uncover the right path forward - the best market problems to address and best business models to unlock value for each new venture.

Managing The Pipeline: You will be managing the concept and engaging the founder pipelines for startups, helping to prioritize what companies get built and by whom.

Make it Equitable: Ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion are at the center of your team building, idea generation and validation, and business modeling.

Making it Meaningful: You tell us!  We fund and build different companies and projects, across a variety of important missions. This is your opportunity, where will you take it?

Making it A Best Practice: We’re building a best-in-class venture studio and our learnings could help the industry improve how founders are supported. You’ll work with us to transform our learnings, failures, and successes into products that accelerate our success and inform our broader industry.

What You’ll Need

  • Experienced in the startup ecosystem, preferably in VC, a Venture Studio, an early-stage startup, or a growing technology company
  • An entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Proven ability to work with, and validate, early stage technology markets at the company creation stage
  • Strong experience in researching and validating technology companies ideas, markets and models at the early stage
  • Expertise in framing and parameterizing a project with a set of questions to be answered through research to assess its market and technical feasibility
  • High integrity, a strong work ethic and takes a lot of pride in their work.
  • Relationships in Venture Capital and tech, and/or a willingness to network and build up your personal brand in the industry.
  • Bonus points for experience in the B2B SaaS space in a product, sales, or marketing function!

About Forum:

Forum Ventures is an early-stage fund, accelerator, and community designed to take founders from pre-seed to seed. We back companies across all B2B SaaS verticals with a monetary investment, a dedicated support team, hand picked mentors and a growing community of founders, operators, and investors.

We join founders early on in their journey – usually as the first check in – and we stay by their side as they build, navigate the ups and downs, and go on to do great things. We’re a community of B2B SaaS experts, founders and operators here to support founders every step of the way.

Forum founders have gone on to raise from funds like Andreessen Horowitz, NEA, Uncork Capital, 8VC, Founders Fund, Menlo Ventures, Canaan, Bowery Capital, Susa Ventures, SV Angel, and more.

Forum recruits, employs, trains, compensates and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status' as required by applicable law.

Forum’s dedication to promoting diversity, multiculturalism, equity and inclusion is more than a commitment- it is the foundation of what we do. And thus we strongly encourage people from ALL backgrounds to apply to this position

👉 Don't forget to mention Startup & VC in your application!
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