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How to start your venture capital career

Why does this book exist?

Over the past few years, we've seen how venture capital has become a hot career track for top talents worldwide.

But it is still a world that is so hard to get into. We decided to change that.

If you are new to the VC industry, this book will help you build your skills, ace the interviews and excel at the job. If you are already in VC, you will find this book a resource to refer back to throughout your climb in the VC ladder.
From building your profile to nailing the interview

Table of Content

Chapter 1

Build up your VC profile

In the first chapter we cover the basic on how to build up a robust, differentiated VC profile. We get you thinking about what industries & business models you want to cover and which skills you need to develop.
Chapter 2

Get the interview

Chapter 2 helps you land a job interview at a VC firm, complete with a step-by-step process, a list of specialized job boards, and a template to manage your applications.
Chapter 3

Nail the interview

We get you prepared for your personal elevator pitch, break down 30+ typical interview questions, and take a deep dive on the take-home assignments. At the end of Chapter 3, you should be able to deliver a strong, consistent performance throughout all your job interviews. 
Chapter 4

Assess the job offer

Not all VC jobs are born equal. We help you weigh out your options regarding compensation, career opportunity, and fund prestige and performance. At the end of this chapter, you should be able to pick the best suited offer for you. 
Guide + Resources

What's included

VC Starter Template for Notion

Everything you need for becoming a VC in one place.

ūüď£ ¬†VC Starter Handbook (30 pages)
ūüďÉ ¬†CV¬†Template
ūüď¨ Email Templates
‚Ěď 45 Real VC¬†Interview Questions
ūüďĻ 3 Video Interviews with VC¬†Professionals
ūüóÉ ¬†100+ Resources on how to Break into VC

What others say

‚ÄúEasy to read and well structured with detailed examples and advice from the inside. If you want to start your VC career, look no further!‚ÄĚ
Salim Hassad
Principal @ Newfund Capital
"The simplest way to get insightful knowledge on VC. Everything you need to know to join a VC firm"
Edoardo Gava
Associate @ Milano Investment Partners
‚ÄúComprehensive e-book and ressources to nail your VC job process!‚ÄĚ
Pierre Lemoine
Scout @ G. Ventures
Passionate about Venture Capital

About the makers

Our Mission

We want to make the world of venture more transparent & acessible. And help you break into it.

When we first came in contact with the venture world we didn't know a thing. The whole ecosystem was quite opaque and it's still very hard to break into as a lot relies on personal networks, your background and the business schools you come from. But over the years we have made our way into the scene and we are very passionate about it.

Our goal with this book is to share some of our experiences to help you start your very own venture capital career.
Stéphane Nasser
Founder of OpenVC
Muieen Cader
VC Consultant
Sina Sadegh
Founder of Startup&VC
Max Fleitmann
Investor & Founding Partner @ Wizard Ventures
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Your access is unlimited. Just come back to the page whenever you like and login. You will also get free access to all future updates of the book and the materials.

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How long to I take to go through all of this?
Really depends on how quick you are. The ebook is around 30 pages at the moment (we will add more chapters over time) but really crafting your own positioning, using our Notion template and creating your CV will take some time.
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As this is a digital product you have full access to everything in the moment you finish your checkout. That's why we don't offer refunds.
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