From building your profile to nailing the interview

Table of Content

1. Introduction

In Chapter 1, we explore a brief history of VC and the startup ecosystem, answering how venture capital became such a desired career. Then using data from some of the most popular VC job boards, we’ll look at what most VC job postings are wanting from their applicants today. 
2. Understanding VC

In Chapter 2, we offer a brief rundown of venture capital for anyone looking to get an overarching view of the industry. One thing is for sure, this industry is not a monolith - there’s so many areas and specialities that you can explore
3. Building a Foundation

In Chapter 3, we’ll look at the impact of education on building a career in VC using data on some of the world's top VCs. Next, breaking down the hard and soft skills that can make you excel in the role and ways you can create an edge (outside of a prestigious degree).
4. Making your way in

In Chapter 4, we look at the most common paths into VC besides entering straight out of university. Then how the power of side projects and building a personal brand can be your ticket into a VC fund.
5. Mastering the interview

In Chapter 5, we break down one of the most nerve-wracking parts of applying for jobs - the interview. VC is notorious for having a dense and long vetting process for their applicants. We took information from real interviews to make sure you are ready for your next interview(s).
6. Your Specialization

In Chapter 6, we talk about the power of specialization as a VC and how to create value-add for your portfolio. Following that we’ll touch on a popular non-investment VC role - the Platform role and how it functions within a fund. 
7. Challenges in VC

In Chapter 7, we touch on the current state of diversity and inclusion in the world of venture capital. Looking at ways funds have been responding to criticism over the consistent lack of representation.
8. Conclusion

In Chapter 8, we leave you with some final words before building your VC career. As well as touch on the other resources we compiled to help you get a head start.
Bonus: Notion Template

Our Notion template helps you structure the application process and comes with a ton of resources that will help along the way.